Call For Papers

We are currently accepting proposals for papers to present at the 2017 OTN EMEA tour to Helsinki, Baku, Slovenia, Madrid and Dusseldorf from May 17-31. If you are interested to present a paper, please use this form or send an email to the address below. You do not have to be an ACE or ACE Director to submit and present.

Also please note that due to changes in OTN policies, ACE Directors should not expect funding in the same way it has worked in past years and might have to self-fund their travel costs for the tour this year.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 27th. After that, a list of all submissions will be forwarded to the local event organizers who will vote for their favourite presentations and we will try our best to put together a group of speakers for the tour that satisfies most of these votes.

The final results and a list of speakers should be available mid-February.